Maxi Dress: Summer To Fall


It’s so fascinating to see how quickly the weather changes around here in Seattle. Just in one night we went from sunny mornings, starry nights to gloomy days and chilly nights. While, first day of fall is still a couple of weeks away, it sure does feels like its Fall already. With the change of season just around the corner, one skill that can come in handy is the ability to know how to take your wardrobe from Summer to Fall. With just a few tips you will be well prepared to tackle the chilly months head-on and use your summer dresses well into fall. Here’s how
Tip 1: Add a fitted jacket. It not only keeps you warm, but also balances out an otherwise feminine outfit.
Tip 2: Make-up – Go with some bolder/ darker lip colors and that instantly changes the mood of the outfit
Tip 3: Hair – Undo’s are a big trend this Fall. I usually don’t experiment a lot with my hair, but this fall I am looking forward to it.

Lets see these simple rules in action.

Here is a Maxi dress that I wore a lot during the summer. While I own a lot of pleated skirts, this is my first pleated maxi dress. The lightweight fabric and simple cuts and not so steep price tag made for an awesome and comfortable summer Maxi dress. To take this dress from summer to fall, all I had to do was to add some leather details and swap the casual jean jacket to a fitted biker leather jacket. I think the leather jacket perfectly balances out an otherwise feminine outfit. Also, went with a bolder lip color to match the mood of the outfit.
How do you style your summer dresses in the winter?
{Dress: Macys, Jacket: BCBG, Lipstick: MAC Rebel, Belt: Marshall’s}

Blue Pleated Dress

Blue Pleated Dress

Blue Pleated Dress

Blue Pleated Dress

Blue Pleated Dress

Blue Pleated Dress



A special note to my special brother:

From the minute you arrived into this world, you have become my biggest headache. Growing up I hated the fact that I had to share everything with you – mom, dad, room, friends, Lallu, school, everything. I also hated the fact that you always got things your way by just being the youngest of the bunch (paaapam chinodee…huhhh). I still remember the green bag I was stuck with because you wanted only the blue bag. Hated the fact that I had to write notes for you, because you decided to lose yours two days before the exam. Hated that you always borrowed money and never cared to pay back (I am still counting). Hated that time when you broke my nail and when I had to get stitches (I still have one wonky nail because of you). I hated that you always pulled my hair while fighting and that I always used to lose the flights. There were a million other things that I hated about you while growing up, but none of them matter anymore because little did I realize that one day all those things would turn into such sweet memories and we would become such best friends along the way.
Being an elder sister to you was no easy task and my life would have been so much easier without you in it. But then again, it wouldn’t be my life without you in it. So, God, thank you for throwing this idiot into the mix. #LoveYouBro

FYI – Just in case you don’t know what Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan (रक्षा बन्धन) is, its a Hindu festival that celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters; the festival is also popularly used to celebrate any brother-sister relationship between men and women who are relatives or biologically unrelated..

Chambray shirt and Red Lips


Chambray shirts and leather skirts are easily one of my favorite casual-meets-polished combinations. I have always been a big fan of chambray shirts as they are very versatile and easy to either dress up or dress down. While I usually pair it with either a jeans(here ) or black tights for a casual look, this time I wanted to try a much more polished look, so paired it with a knee length pencil skirt with leather details and I should say I am obsessed with this look. How do you like it?

{Shirt:Hollister , Skirt: Express , Lipstick: MAC, Aviators: RayBan , Shoes: DSW}




Floral Overdose


I thought I was all done with florals for this season, but my recent purchases prove me otherwise. During my recent Ideel online shopping spree, I bought a couple of more floral dresses to add to my collection of floral prints and I am absolutely in love with my choices. Also, in this process realized that one can never have too many floral dresses, so my friends never say never. While rose print dresses are usually very romantic and retro, this one is a little different, it has a modern and sketch like design to it which I think, is very refreshing. Also, the color combination is just amazing, well what can I say, I am a sucker for poppy colors.

{This dress is no longer available, but here are a couple of similar dresses here, hereand here.
Shoes: Vince Camuto}





Candel Holders DIY

I have been eying this candle holder set for a very long time now. While I loved the candle holders, the price tag, not so much. So, I did what I do best, DIY to knock it off. All I needed was candle holders and a bottle of white spray paint.
One visit to GoodWill and I found exactly what I was looking for, bunch of candle sticks with intricate details. I did mix and match different shapes to keep it modern and also add a visual interest to the setting.
Once I selected the pieces I wanted to use, all I did was apply a couple of coats of white spray paint and I ended up with something that looks like this. Doesn’t this look gorgeous?

DSC_4131 - Copy
{Never judge a book by it’s cover. Look for quality pieces, not pretty pieces. }



{They currently adorn our spring mantel. Check out my mantel decor post}

Maxi Mania


A perfect summer Maxi dress has to hit on a couple of different points to warrant a place in my wardrobe: it has to be simple enough to either dress it up or dress it down, comfortable enough to wear it all day, everyday and lastly should have summer colors to make it special. This “New York and Company” maxi dress fits the bill just perfect. While the color combination is so refreshingly fresh and fun, the streamlined lines keep it simple, making it a summer staple. From the time I bought this dress, I pretty much wore it everywhere, date night, office, grocery shopping, farmers market and everywhere in between. And now that’s called a perfect summer maxi dress, don’t you guy’s agree?.

{Jacket: Guess}

{This dress is currently out-of stock. Will update link once its back online.}

Decor – Summer Mantel


Since we moved into our new house almost two years ago, I think we did a pretty decent job at decorating the place and making it our home. I am really proud of the work we put into it and how we incorporated our style into this place. But, just when my husband thought that we were all done with decorating, I started to get bored of the decor in our living room. I know, I know, it’s only been a couple of years, but, I can’t seem to shake this feeling off. However, if I tell this to him, I am pretty sure he is gonna flip out. But after all the hard work and the money he has put into this place, I can’t really blame him. So, to handle this delicate situation I decided to get creative and take matters into my own hands. I did a little research to find out ways to freshen up things at home without breaking the bank or even a sweat for that matter and I did find one.

Apparently decorating your mantel is the best way to change the look and feel of the living room. Since fireplace is the focal point of the living room, a few changes to the mantel and the entire place supposedly brightens up. But, I was not buying this theory until I saw it with my own eyes, so without further ado I put this theory to test. I should say I was really amazed by the transformation. I now have an amazing summer mantel to reflect my current mood – fun, sunny and bright. I also handled this project on a super tight budget. It cost me a total of 22$ to create this amazing look.

Here are the details.
1. Orange Wall ( we always had an orange wall, so did not cost a dime)
2. Art ( We got this as a gift when we moved into this place and it has been a center piece ever since)
3. Candle Holders from Goodwill + Spray paint $15 (Stay tuned for the DIY post.)
4. Books borrowed from the library $0. (Why buy them when I can get them for free. So, picked some books from the local library. I went with the books which had yellow and pink covers)
5. Vase $3 ( Goodwill)
6. Flowers from our backyard
7. Sea Horse decor $4 (Marshall’s)

Well, that’s all you need to have this colorful summer mantel. What do you think guys, love or hate? Also, please let me know if you know of any easy and simple decor ideas. Have a great week!!

{ Loving these lavender blue hydrangea’s}




Monday Blues


I think not posting in three weeks is called being a slacker, but I like to think that it’s just being a blogger. After you’ve been blogging for 2+ years the idea that you can blog when you want to and have the luxury to take time-off without worrying about PTO is quite novel and freeing. To be frank, I’ve been busy lately and my writing really suffers when I’m stressed. Not like I’m writing a Game of Thrones next book here, but I like to write something a little more compelling than ‘this is my new dress’.
On that note, let’s begin!! This is my new dress 🙂 I recently bought a few dresses for NYC and this one is my current fav. The print is so crisp and refreshing, it’s a perfect summer dress.








Peasant Tops + Capri Pants


Happy Monday Guys!! Hope you had a great weekend.
This top takes me back in time. I was a proud owner of a similar top almost 10 years ago and it was one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. When I saw this in stores last week I had to get my hands on it and it fit me just a perfectly as it did 10 years ago. Well, that has to prove one of two things, either that my body hasn’t changed in 10 years or that this is a very forgiving cut and fabric. Well, while I would like to be delusional and believe it’s the former, for a fact I know it’s the later. For a casual summer weekend look I paired it with a white cropped jeans, embellished Teva Sandals and Floral Beach Bag.

{Top:Forever21, Jeans: Jcrew, Aviators: RayBan, Bag: ULTA, Sandals: TEVA}





Bellevue Collection Spring Fashion Show

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Bellevue Collection Canvas Fashion at Bellevue Square. While I have been to Bellevue Fashion show before, this was my first time as an insider and it was even more fun. Bellevue Collections has put on a great show and if you have missed it, don’t worry I got all the scope you need.

A crowd of eager fashionistas watched the trends come to life on the runway where art inspired colors met spring’s hottest styles. (See link to selected Spring Canvas of Style Runway photos). Top trends were Denim Luxe, modern, tailored denim suitable for evening and workplace; In The 70s Mood, the free spirited vibe of the 1970s via inspired silhouettes and accessories; Leading Lady, with tailored design elements and soft feminine features; Bold Blooms, with bold, bright florals in large-scale graphic blooms with soft fabrics and ultra femme colors; Prep Chic, a modern twist on country club classics highlighting gingham prints, polos and cardigans; Bohemian Spirit, a fresh take on modern Bohemia with a rich color pallet, throwback prints and dreamy fabrics with a free-spirited nature; Global Travel, rich with khaki tones in trench coats and travel-easy linens paired with exotic accessories; and White Out, featuring a range of white hues, from bone to cream to ecru. An added trend of fitness apparel was a hit on the runway.

Trend 1: Leading Lady.
Canvas of Style_Leading Lady_Vivian Hsu
No matter what season, there is always a show stopper category. Love this color.

Trend 2: 70s Mood
Canvas of Style_In The 70s Mood_Vivian Hsu (1)
Well 70’s are back again!!!

Trend 3: White Out
Canvas of Style_White Out_Vivian Hsu

Trend 5: Bold Blooms
Canvas of Style_Bold Blooms_Vivian Hsu
What is spring with out florals?

Trend 6: Denim Luxe
Canvas of Style_Denim Luxe_Vivian Hsu

Trend 7: Global Travel
Canvas of Style_Global Travel_Vivian Hsu

Travel 8: Bohemian Spirit
Canvas of Style_Bohemian Spirit_Vivian Hsu

Trend 9: Prep Chic
Canvas of Style_Prep Chic_Vivian Hsu

The Bellevue Collection_Canvas of Style_Vivian Hsu


Saturday’s Canvas of Style Runway Show at The Bellevue Collection raised $10,000 for the BE a Smart Girl program of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue ($7,000 from ticket sales and $3,000 donated by The Bellevue Collection). BE a Smart Girl is a comprehensive programing strategy for female members that addresses three program areas: academic success, leadership and health.

The funds raised will go to the Club’s program which provides access to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum through partners such as GIRLSTART; group discussions about positive choices and healthy relationships, targeted athletics just for girls, one-to-one academic tutoring, and mentoring with adult female role models and career exploration.

About Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue currently serve over 11,000 members and their families, providing a safe, fun place that encourages kids to choose healthy lifestyles, get involved with their communities and achieve academic success. By inspiring our youth to make constructive life choices, we strive to help them realize their full potential. Michele Heffron, Director of Development,,

About The Bellevue Collection

Located in the heart of Bellevue, Washington, The Bellevue Collection, owned by Kemper Development Company, includes Bellevue Square, a super-regional upscale shopping center, Bellevue Place, a mixed-use property featuring the Hyatt Regency Bellevue and small boutiques and Lincoln Square, anchored by Lincoln Square Cinemas, restaurants, home furnishings and The Westin Bellevue. This distinctive collection features 250 of the finest shops, 30 destination restaurants, a 16-screen premier cinema, 1,100 luxury hotel rooms and 10,000 free retail parking spaces, all in one location. The Bellevue Collection is a shopping, dining and nightlife, and entertainment experience unlike any other in the region. It is located on Bellevue Way between NE 4th and NE 10th Streets in downtown Bellevue, just across Lake Washington from Seattle.

@BelleCollection (Bellevue Collection Twitter) ∙ @BellesVue (Belle’s Vue Twitter) ∙ @BellevueCollection (Bellevue Collection Instagram) ∙ (Bellevue Collection Facebook)

PHOTO CAPTION: Floral trend, Bold Blooms during the 2015 Canvas of Style Runway Show at The Bellevue Collection.