Peasant Tops + Capri Pants


Happy Monday Guys!! Hope you had a great weekend.
This top takes me back in time. I was a proud owner of a similar top almost 10 years ago and it was one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. When I saw this in stores last week I had to get my hands on it and it fit me just a perfectly as it did 10 years ago. Well, that has to prove one of two things, either that my body hasn’t changed in 10 years or that this is a very forgiving cut and fabric. Well, while I would like to be delusional and believe it’s the former, for a fact I know it’s the later. For a casual summer weekend look I paired it with a white cropped jeans, embellished Teva Sandals and Floral Beach Bag.

{Top:Forever21, Jeans: Jcrew, Aviators: RayBan, Bag: ULTA, Sandals: TEVA}





Bellevue Collection Spring Fashion Show

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Bellevue Collection Canvas Fashion at Bellevue Square. While I have been to Bellevue Fashion show before, this was my first time as an insider and it was even more fun. Bellevue Collections has put on a great show and if you have missed it, don’t worry I got all the scope you need.

A crowd of eager fashionistas watched the trends come to life on the runway where art inspired colors met spring’s hottest styles. (See link to selected Spring Canvas of Style Runway photos). Top trends were Denim Luxe, modern, tailored denim suitable for evening and workplace; In The 70s Mood, the free spirited vibe of the 1970s via inspired silhouettes and accessories; Leading Lady, with tailored design elements and soft feminine features; Bold Blooms, with bold, bright florals in large-scale graphic blooms with soft fabrics and ultra femme colors; Prep Chic, a modern twist on country club classics highlighting gingham prints, polos and cardigans; Bohemian Spirit, a fresh take on modern Bohemia with a rich color pallet, throwback prints and dreamy fabrics with a free-spirited nature; Global Travel, rich with khaki tones in trench coats and travel-easy linens paired with exotic accessories; and White Out, featuring a range of white hues, from bone to cream to ecru. An added trend of fitness apparel was a hit on the runway.

Trend 1: Leading Lady.
Canvas of Style_Leading Lady_Vivian Hsu
No matter what season, there is always a show stopper category. Love this color.

Trend 2: 70s Mood
Canvas of Style_In The 70s Mood_Vivian Hsu (1)
Well 70’s are back again!!!

Trend 3: White Out
Canvas of Style_White Out_Vivian Hsu

Trend 5: Bold Blooms
Canvas of Style_Bold Blooms_Vivian Hsu
What is spring with out florals?

Trend 6: Denim Luxe
Canvas of Style_Denim Luxe_Vivian Hsu

Trend 7: Global Travel
Canvas of Style_Global Travel_Vivian Hsu

Travel 8: Bohemian Spirit
Canvas of Style_Bohemian Spirit_Vivian Hsu

Trend 9: Prep Chic
Canvas of Style_Prep Chic_Vivian Hsu

The Bellevue Collection_Canvas of Style_Vivian Hsu


Saturday’s Canvas of Style Runway Show at The Bellevue Collection raised $10,000 for the BE a Smart Girl program of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue ($7,000 from ticket sales and $3,000 donated by The Bellevue Collection). BE a Smart Girl is a comprehensive programing strategy for female members that addresses three program areas: academic success, leadership and health.

The funds raised will go to the Club’s program which provides access to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum through partners such as GIRLSTART; group discussions about positive choices and healthy relationships, targeted athletics just for girls, one-to-one academic tutoring, and mentoring with adult female role models and career exploration.

About Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue currently serve over 11,000 members and their families, providing a safe, fun place that encourages kids to choose healthy lifestyles, get involved with their communities and achieve academic success. By inspiring our youth to make constructive life choices, we strive to help them realize their full potential. Michele Heffron, Director of Development,,

About The Bellevue Collection

Located in the heart of Bellevue, Washington, The Bellevue Collection, owned by Kemper Development Company, includes Bellevue Square, a super-regional upscale shopping center, Bellevue Place, a mixed-use property featuring the Hyatt Regency Bellevue and small boutiques and Lincoln Square, anchored by Lincoln Square Cinemas, restaurants, home furnishings and The Westin Bellevue. This distinctive collection features 250 of the finest shops, 30 destination restaurants, a 16-screen premier cinema, 1,100 luxury hotel rooms and 10,000 free retail parking spaces, all in one location. The Bellevue Collection is a shopping, dining and nightlife, and entertainment experience unlike any other in the region. It is located on Bellevue Way between NE 4th and NE 10th Streets in downtown Bellevue, just across Lake Washington from Seattle.

@BelleCollection (Bellevue Collection Twitter) ∙ @BellesVue (Belle’s Vue Twitter) ∙ @BellevueCollection (Bellevue Collection Instagram) ∙ (Bellevue Collection Facebook)

PHOTO CAPTION: Floral trend, Bold Blooms during the 2015 Canvas of Style Runway Show at The Bellevue Collection.



Florals + Lace

{Skirt:Express , Top: Forever21, Shoes: Zara{similar}}

There are many ways to enjoy spring and this is my way, adding a new floral skirt to my wardrobe. While I have accrued a pretty good selection of skirts over the years and did not need another one, I could not resist my urge to buy this gorgeous looking skirt. Well in my defense you can clearly see why I am so in love with this simple yet classic floral printed skirt, right?.

So, the only question now left is how are you celebrating spring?








Goodwill Treasures

Indoor Planters

I am a sucker for anything DIY. I love the whole process of hunting for a great piece, digging Pinterest boards for inspiration, trying to visualize how it would all look once done and then the final step of actually doing it. And once it’s all done, I cannot stop bragging about how easy and fun this whole process was.  But anyone who follows my blog already knows that,
the thing that you don’t know is where I find these so called great piece’s. Well, its good old Goodwill. The treasure of things you can find there is multitudinous, but that said, you should definitely know where and  what to look for. While I am not too much into thrifting clothes, I am all about finding vintage décor pieces, furniture with character and pieces that have a story to tell or come from a different part of the world( well maybe except for China, I think I have enough pieces from that country). I found Goodwill to have a great mix of things and it’s for a cause, so a definite win. Here are few piece that I found in my recent treasure hunt at Seattle Goodwill
Indoor Planters

Indoor Planters

Copper is hotter than ever. This metal is definitely making a comeback. We’ve seen its warm tones taking over interior design, fashion, makeup, jewelry and tableware. Copper alloys like bronze and brass, have also been making waves across home design magazines.. I found a copper serving dish and a copper candle holder. While they definitely did not look great on the shelves, I knew they had potential and that these babies had to come home with me. After a little scrum with “” they looked new. I have been looking for a container to use for my succulent garden and this serving bowl was perfect for it. 

Indoor Planters

Indoor Planters
{Looks like this piece came all the way from Turkey}

Indoor Planters

Indoor Planters

Stay tuned for more quick and easy DIY/Decor ideas, I have a lot in store for you guys!!

Spring has Sprung


I was on a hunt for a trench coat for months now. I knew I wanted a classic look with some modern details. While I found one that I loved from Burberry collection, the price tag failed to impress me. So, the hunt continued. But, I was determined to find an affordable alternative without compromising too much on quality. Well, I should say patience pays off. I found this great looking Classic Trench at Macy’s. It had the perfect camel color I was looking for and has just enough leather details to make it look chic and modern. This trench is such a classic piece and it’s going to stay in style forever.




I think spring is the perfect time to go trench coat shopping. The weather is perfect to get some usage out of it and almost all coats are on sale. So if yo are looking to guy a trench, wait no more.

DSC_4240MICHAEL Michael Kors Faux-Leather-Trim Trench Coat
Express: Black Leather pants
Burberry Handbag

to new beginnings

Do you remember that feeling you used to get on the first day of school, especially after a very long summer vacation? Well, that’s how I felt today. Oh no! I am not going back to school, just starting a new job after a very long winter vacation. While I was really fortunate to take some time off from work and spend it with my family, I think I am so ready to get back to work force.

Now that we settled that today is a big day for me, it brings us to the next logical question. What to wear to work? What?!! This doesn’t sound like a logical question to you? Hmm!! I really don’t know what planet you are living on. Anyways, coming back to the outfit options, my work wardrobe is in desperate need of an upgrade and I have a few pieces in mind that will just do the trick. I have a good collection of basics but, a couple of more pieces in pastel colors and cotton fabric should do the trick for this spring. Here are few of my fav looks.
While I would love to go shopping already, I think I will wait for my first paycheck before I splurge.

What do you think? Which look is your favorite?
Dress: Dressbarn

Loft trousers

floral top
AnnTaylor: Top

Zara Skirt

BetaBrand – Work and Workout

Betabrand - Dresspants Yoga pants

Betabrand - Dresspants Yoga pants

Wondering if this post is of any interest to you at all? Let me help, here is a simple questionnaire to figure out if this post is for you or not.

1. Do you love to dress up to work?
2. Do you prefer comfort to style?
3. Did you ever wish you could have worn your PJ’s to work?
4. Do you love biking to work, but hate changing after?
5. Do you love to work out in your work clothes?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, please continue reading, this post is tailored made for you and the brand I am going to introduce will blow your mind.
I am super excited to introduce Betabrand. I became a fan as soon as I saw their collections. Few of my favorite collections are “Bike to work”,“Dress Pants Sweatpants”, “Dress Pants Yoga Pants”,“West Coast Workers”. Coming to think about it, it totally makes sense to design clothes for a lifestyle rather than an activity. I go to work in the morning and then try to squeeze in a yoga class later in the day, so why should I go to two different shops to buy clothes for these activities or for that matter, buy two different pieces of clothing. Don’t you agree?

But, to be frank initially I had my doubts. I thought this product was something similar to jeggings, but the minute I got my hands on wear to work pants, all my doubts flew out of the window. I ordered a medium size straight leg pant from their “Work pant Yoga pants” collection and they fit me like a glove. Also, the quality of the product is impeccable and I cannot stress enough how comfortable they feel. What? You don’t believe me? Well, I had a feeling you would say that, so here is the proof, check out my wanna-be perfect yoga poses.

Betabrand - Dresspants Yoga pants
They look like work pants, but definitely feels like a sweatpants, best of both worlds . Now, I cannot wait to try their Bike to work Collection. Check out their website to find out which product is perfect for your lifestyle.

Betabrand - Dresspants Yoga pants

Betabrand - Dresspants Yoga pants

Betabrand - Dresspants Yoga pants
Now I can sneak out of work for a yoga class and no one will know.. Shhhh!! Can we keep this between us 🙂

Betabrand - Dresspants Yoga pants
I am a rookie yoga students, so please bare with my wanna be perfect poses.

Betabrand - Dresspants Yoga pants
Phew!!! I was never so tired after a photo shoot. A hard day’s work.

Living { Room for improvement }


Have you ever stared at a wall in your house wondering what to do with it or trying to imagine how it would look once it’s all done? Well, I have done that a million times with this one wall in our living room. While I knew that I wanted to stencil this wall and make it a feature wall, picking out a stencil and a paint color was no easy task. Our living room decor is very bright and eclectic and I wanted this wall to stand out, but also at the same time blend in with all the other decorative elements in the room. After much research I figured out the best way to do that is to pull out patterns and colors for other pieces in the room.
I took inspiration color from window treatments and our couch. Used a symmetric pattern with a very light color palette. This gave the wall such a chic look without being too over dramatic.

I am thrilled to collaborate with CuttingEdgeStencils for this home improvement project and even more excited to share this with you guys. They have hundreds of modern designs to choose from and I was so excited to find one that exactly matched my window treatments. I used the Trellis Allover Stencil, which is such a modern twist on a traditional Moroccan pattern. While I worked with stencils before {check out my bedroom stencil project}, this was the first time I ever worked with an all over geometric pattern stencils. I was skeptical at the beginning with how much work it was going to be, but in the end, I think it was an super easy project and the stencil from made the painting job real simple.

For color, I went with Ralph Lauren Metallic Paint, it matches our couch and curtains. Even though it’s metallic it’s so subtle, it adds just enough sparkle to the room.


Here are the things needed:
1. Metallic Paint
2. CuttingEdgeStencils
3. Paint rollers
4. Painters tape

Time Needed: ~4 hrs

No of Men { /Women} : Definitely a two person job.


{ Using painters tape, prep the wall and floor. }


{ Start from one edge and once the stencil is secured with the painters tape, apply the paint using a roller brush. Once done, remove the stencils and repeat the process. Use a level to make sure the stencil is leveled. This stencil was so easy to work with and the pattern was really simple to paint. }

{ Start adding the decor elements and have fun with different pieces. }


{ I love the fact that this wall is opposite to the window and looks so different in different lights. Even thought the pattern was really busy, the color is so subtle you hardly notice that its such a busy pattern. }




Get Fit – Fitness Gear Report

The other day I was reading a fashion magazine and came across an article about looking stylish at the gym. What caught my eye was the clothing, while the models looked impeccably toned and dressed to perfection, those clothing just did not look comfortable. According to the article just because you are drenched in sweat and are going to look like crap anyways, doesn’t mean that you can wear just about anything to gym and it got me thinking, is looking good at the gym a necessity or a nuisance?
If you ask this question, the fashionista in me would say yes to wearing a pretty tight T-shirt and even tighter tights in the name of fashion, even though I do not feel 100% comfortable in them. But if you ask the athlete/mountaineer in me would say screw fashion and go with what’s functional. What I learned pretty early on in my training for Mt Rainier climb is that functional and comfortable clothing is key to any fitness activity and style is just a plus but not a necessity. Here are few of my favorite fitness gear that are first and foremost functional and stylish just as an added bonus.

Shoes: GEL-Kayano 21 ($160)

There are things you should invest in and then there are things you shouldn’t invest in. Shoe are definitely something worth investing in. For years I always bought any shoes that were on sale without thinking about the support they provided, but when I started training for my Marathon couple of years ago, for the first time in my life I went into a specialty running shoes store and I had an epiphany. I can never go back to buying just any running shoe anymore. ASICS Kayano is my favorite shoe, it changed the way I ran and is worth every penny I spent on it.

T-shirt: MARMOT MIRAGE T-shirt ($45)
Fitness Gear
The three important things you need to keep in mind when buying a T-shirt are moisture wicking, quick drying and sun protective fabric. Give this magical fabric a try and I bet you will never go back.

Tracking Device: FITBIT FLEX ($99)
Fitness Gear
Fitness tracking devices were all the rage this holiday season and there are so many options to choose from. But since I have a very tiny wrist to accommodate, my options were limited. Fitbit Flex is still my favorite, but if you are looking for something fancy check out Tory Burch Fitbit accessories collection, they are to die for.

Fitness Gear

No outfit in Seattle is complete without a rain jacket and a workout outfit is no exception. Let it be a drizzle or a downpour this jacket will take good care of you.

Fitness Gear
Do you guys know that in 2009, two Issaquah High School graduates pooled their graduation money to start Strideline, a sock company that features iconic city skylines. Show some love for this Issaquah’s very own entrepreneurs.