Mama and Me


One chilly morning, while I was sipping coffee and checking emails, something caught my eye, an email from babycenter. I usually get emails from babycenter center every week with information about the baby’s growth, what to expect and what not to. I opened it and it’s content took me by surprise. “Congratulations, your baby is now 5 months old”. Wait, what? 5 months? When did this happen? I feel like I have been in the labor room just the other day. That’s when it hit me, the days are going by so fast and my little munchkin is already 5 months old. While I was busy waiting for the perfect moment to introduce him to you guys, he was busy getting old. So, before he gets any older here is our little prince – Riyan.


I am usually not a big fan of matching outfits, but when it came to this shoot, I couldn’t help but color coordinate with my little hero. I think we both look dapper. Don’t you guys agree? Also, thank you daddy for these amazing clicks. You did real good.



Loving this stripes and red combo, it adds a little fun to an otherwise traditional holiday outfit

Even though posing with a baby in high heels is no joke, we had a ton of fun doing it. Atlesat I did 🙂

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